Detailed Area Plan (“DAP”)


Integrated Detailed Area Plan Map

Background of the Project

The Detailed Area Plan (DAP) is third and last tier of Development Plan for Dhaka City i.e. Dhaka Metropolitan Development Plan (DMDP). It provides more detailed planning proposals for specific sub-areas compliant with the Structure Plan and the Urban Area Plan.

Objective of the Project

DAP aimed to implement the Structure Plan and the Urban Area Plan policies and recommendations. The specific objectives of DAP are:

  • Data management and dissemination at mouza dag level
  • Providing a program for Multi-sector Investment Plan
  • Providing control for private sector development and clarity and security of investment for inhabitants and investors
  • Providing guideline for development considering the opportunity and constraints
  • Ensure sustainable environment

Total area under DAP

DAP area is 1528 sq. km or 590 sq. miles which covers the total RAJUK’s jurisdiction area.

Jurisdiction of DAP Planning Area

  • Gazipur Pourashava to the North
  • Dhaleshawri River to the south
  • Bangshi and Dhaleshawri River to the west
  • Shitalakkhya and Meghna River to the East

Duration of DAP

DAP started in July 2004. The project will be completed by December 2008.


The total DAP area was divided into five groups and a number of small locations. These were awarded to five firms which are DDC, EPC, GBL, Sheltech (Pvt.) Ltd and BETS.


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Samiul Hashim is a Legal Practitioner and an active Social Worker. He obtained Barrister-at-Law from Lincoln's Inn . He is also a licensed Advocate in Bangladesh. He also completed LL.M in International Commercial Law and Post Graduate Diploma in Law, from UK.
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6 Responses to Detailed Area Plan (“DAP”)

  1. Md. Saidul Islam says:

    Gazipur area detailed plan

  2. masum says:

    i expect little bit more about the background and idea behind origin of DAP, specifically.

  3. Akram Hossain says:

    How can I know my plot is out of Dap.

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